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Cloud Specialization

There has never been a better time to get involved within cloud specialization in South Africa than now. Everyone wants to be part of the cloud and this tailor-made selection is duty bound to boost your career all the way to the top and beyond.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
70-662 TS

  • Deploying  Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • Configuring  Mailbox Servers
  • Managing  Recipient Objects
  • Managing  Client Access
  • Managing  Message Transport
  • Implementing  Messaging Security
  • Implementing  High Availability
  • Implementing  Backup and Recovery
  • Configuring  Messaging Policy and Compliance
  • Securing  Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • Maintaining  Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • Upgrading  from Exchange Server 2003 or Exchange Server 2007 to Exchange Server 2010
  • Implementing  Unified Messaging
  • Advanced Topics in Exchange Server 2010


70-663 PRO

  • Introduction  to Designing a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • Deployment Designing Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • Integration with the Current Infrastructure
  • Planning  and Deploying Mailbox Services
  • Planning  and Deploying Client Access Services in Exchange Server 2010
  • Planning  and Deploying Message Transport in Exchange Server 2010
  • Planning  and Deploying Messaging Security
  • Planning  and Deploying Messaging Compliance
  • Planning  and Deploying High Availability
  • Planning  a Disaster Recovery Solution
  • Planning  Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Upgrading  to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • Integrating Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 with Other  Messaging Systems

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010

MCTS:  Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 – Configuration (70-667)

  • Introducing SharePoint 2010
  • Creating a SharePoint 2010 Intranet
  • Administering and Automating SharePoint
  • Configuring Content Management
  • Configuring Authentication
  • Securing Content
  • Managing SharePoint Customisations
  • Configuring and Securing SharePoint Services and Applications
  • Managing SharePoint Services and Applications
  • Configuring User Profiles and Social Networking
  • Administering SharePoint Search
  • Installing and Upgrading to SharePoint 2010
  • Implementing Business Continuity
  • Monitoring and Optimizing SharePoint Performance

PRO: Sharepoint 2010, Administrator (70-668)

  • Designing a Logical Architecture
  • Planning a Service Application Architecture
  • Planning for Performance and Capacity
  • Designing a Physical Architecture
  • Designing a Security Plan
  • Planning Authentication
  • Planning Managed Meta data
  • Planning Social Computing
  • Designing an Enterprise Search Strategy
  • Planning Enterprise Content Management
  • Planning a SharePoint 2010 Implementation of a Business  Intelligence Strategy
  • Developing a Plan for Governance
  • Designing a Maintenance and Monitoring Plan
  • Planning Business Continuity
  • Planning for Upgrading to SharePoint 2010

SQL Server Database Administrator (70-432, 70-450)

Maintaining a Microsoft SQL 2008 Database (6231A)

  • Installing and Configuring  SQL Server
  • Managing Databases and  Files
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Managing Security
  • Transferring Data
  • Automating Administrative  Tasks
  • Implementing Replication
  • Maintaining High  Availability
  • Monitoring SQL Server
  • Troubleshooting and  Performance Tuning

Implementing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database (6232A)

  • Creating Databases and  Database Files
  • Creating Data Types and  Tables
  • Creating and Tuning  Indexes
  • Implementing Data  Integrity by Using Constraints and Triggers
  • Using XML
  • Implementing Views
  • Implementing Stored  Procedures
  • Implementing Functions
  • Implementing Managed Code  in the Database
  • Managing Transactions and  Locks
  • Using Service Broker

Upgrading your SQL server 2000 Database Admin to SQL Server  2008 Database Admin (6317A)

  • An Introduction to SQL  Server 2008
  • Installing and Upgrading  to SQL Server 2008
  • Storage Enhancements in SQL  Server 2008
  • SQL Server 2008  Administration Enhancements
  • Security Enhancements with  SQL Server 2008
  • SQL Server 2008 Disaster  Recovery
  • High Availability in SQL  Server 2008
  • Replication Enhancements  in SQL Server 2008
  • SQL Server 2008  Policy-Based Management
  • SQL Server 2008 Monitoring  Enhancements
  • SQL Server 2008  Performance

Writing queries using SQL Server Transact-SQL(T-SQL)(2778A)

  • Getting Started with  Databases and Transact-SQL in SQL Server 2008
  • Querying and Filtering  Data
  • Grouping and Summarizing  Data
  • Joining Data from Multiple  Tables
  • Working with Sub queries
  • Modifying Data in Tables
  • Querying Meta data, XML,  and Full-Text Indexes
  • Using Programming Objects  for Data Retrieval
  • Using Advanced Querying  Techniques

Specialising in a specific area in your field of work is  highly critical. With today’s  technology  in your working environment, companies often need highly trained people to help  in specific areas. The advancement in your wonderful career would be to  specialise in a certain Microsoft product and give that piece of technology  your 110%. Eventually you would move towards your MCM (Microsoft Certified  Master) and prove that you ARE THE BEST at what you do!         You can specialise in any of the following simply by just continuing  your studies with BullIT:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010